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I’m a freelance artist and illustrator based in the North-West of the UK. I’ve worked on variety of different board games and RPG books, with a wide range of styles and themes. I have full production pipeline experience, creating initial concepts and then liaising with the clients to develop those ideas into fully working illustrations and final products.

For personal work, I love to paint quirky, charming characters or world build environments full of twisted trees and clouds.

If you like my work or want to discuss a new project with me, click on my contact page for ways to contact me. Please don’t hesitate to get in contact!

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“Naomi is everything you want in an illustrator for your project: creative, thoughtful, thorough, and versatile. She’s also exceedingly kind and personable. I have a shortlist of artists I consider when a new project comes across my desk. Naomi is at the top of that list.” ~ Travis R. Chance from Kolossal Games


“Each time I’ve worked with Naomi has been a pleasure. She has become a go-to artist that I can rely on to be both faithful to and creative in her response to each brief, and to deliver on time in charming style.” ~ Dann May from Tabletop Tycoon


“Naomi has been a delight to work with. She’s prompt, communicative, and reliable. Most important, she is able to take direction well and is very creative. I highly recommend her and would hire her again in a heart beat!” ~ Michael Coe from Gamelyn Games


“I had the pleasure of working with Naomi Robinson on my Zimby MojoTM project, for which she took on the unenviable task of interpreting and translating my vision of the game and its characters into artistic representations for the game box, game board, and player mats.  Naomi was no less than outstanding, not only in her visualizations, but in her rich creativity, easy approachability, and constant professionalism.  She presented a fair and firm quote upfront for her work; she was always friendly and easy to deal with as we exchanged ideas and worked through concepts via email; she maintained consistent and timely communication, complete with Monday morning touchpoints and advance warning when she would be unavailable; she took correction and criticism in the helpful spirit in which they were offered – and used it to develop final artwork that was not only impressive in its own right, but was also perfectly aligned with my vision.  I am thrilled with Naomi’s work, and I look forward to drawing upon her extraordinary talents on future projects.” ~ Jim Felli from Devious Weasel